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Where art performance and pop culture combine

The Masturbation Song

A pleasurable film by Joana Lirio, accompanying Bx Sassy's latest single 'The Masturbation Song'. 

Created to encourage an attitude of playful sensual liberation.

Flower Power

A self portrait film, edited by Joana Lirio.

'Flower Power' intends to provide a fresh perspective around self pleasure and sensuality. Made in solidarity with those exploring the erogenous zones of their bodies, joyfully.

Unsolicited Advice

A dance video shot in numerous locations, sharing Bx Sassy's public activism towards the sexualisation and repression of the female body.

Music and film created by Bethany Burgoyne

Body Breath

A self portrait video, edited by Joana Lirio, 'Body Breath' is a documention of self acceptance and advocacy against the rejection of female body hair.


Marking the launch of Bx Sassy's musical career, I SAID NO debuted in Nov '21 alongside a campaign enforcing greater support and confidence for sexual safety in clubs.


Filmed and edited by Zoe Fayaud

Music produced by Talia Smulian 

Habitual Nature

Using dance to show a different portrayal of the female body, Bx Sassy is captured by filmmaker Zoe Fayaud, performing to her own song 'Habitual Nature'

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