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Podcast Host and Producer

I have created 5 podcast series, published via The Sassy Show, interviewing people from around the world with fellow hosts.

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Guests and music

Each episode of Sassy Sisters included music and interviews that spotlighted the talent and richness of the cultural landscape: focusing on female creatives to encourage further gender inclusivity within industries. 

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Tell Me Your Sassy Story Podcast

In collaboration with TLM YRS (kink and fetish sharing social media site), I produced 2 series of podcasts interviewing sex-positive people from around the world.


Sassy Sisters - LISTEN

Over the course of 16 episodes, I cohosted, produced and edited interviews with women from across the globe discussing their creative careers. 


Available on all major streaming platforms and on The Sassy Show. Each episode was accompanied by a full-length write-up and visual content.

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I cohosted, produced and edited all 12 episodes, as well as curating social media content and online panel discussions to raise awareness around the podcast series. 

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