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About Bethany Burgoyne

Striving to find the bliss point between provocative and educational storytelling, Bethany uses art and creativity to encourage positive social change; aiming to empower through freedom of expression wherever she goes. 

Having trained in Fine Art Painting at City and Guilds London School of Art, Bethany went on to work as a mural artist in Jordan and Iraq leading workshops with Syrian Refugees and Internally Displaced People.

Arriving back in the UK, Bethany volunteered at U-Turn, a centre for Vulnerable Women and Sex Workers before setting up her own multi-media project, The Sassy Show, promoting females working in the creative industry.


Bethany has initiated research projects in the UK as well as Palestine, Romania, Berlin, and Morocco. Priding herself on being able to respectfully observe and adapt to unfamiliar cultural environments and communities.

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Written Work

Interviews - Arts and Culture

Crystal Mahey-Morgan: The Back Bone Of Today's Game-Changing Publishing Industry - REFORM THE FUNK

MC/Singer Meryem Saci on Raising Sonic Vibrations - THE SASSY SHOW

The Masons: A Photographic Duo Born of Love - REFORM THE FUNK

Ryan Hawaii - The Artist Unafraid To Share His Vulnerabilities - REFORM THE FUNK

A Voice Of Defiance: How Writer And Broadcaster Yassmin Abdel-Magied Is Representing Empowered Muslim Women - REFORM THE FUNK

Sexuality and Intimacy

Pansexual love and Stranger Sex in 'Life Poems' - THE SASSY SHOW

CHEEX’s Guide for Cybersecurity and Sex - CHEEX

Role Play and Pleasure: How To Dress Up Your Desires - CHEEX

How To Engage In Disability Friendly Sex - CHEEX

What To Do If You’re Questioning Your Gender Identity - CHEEX

Female Sexual Health

Let’s talk about Sperm - inne

Blind spots in women’s health and medical research - inne

Medical Racism - Decolonising Healthcare - inne

Tips for Keeping Sex Exciting While Trying to Conceive - inne

How Genetics Can Affect Fertility - inne


I'm a Woman with a Beard - This Morning Television Live Interview

My Body, My Rules - Channel 4, Facebook

Reclaiming Body Hair - Women of My Generation - THE SASSY SHOW Podcast and Photoshoot

Bethany Burgoyne : Essex Woman Refuses to Shave Hair -  The Daily Mail Interview

Bethany Burgoyne Embraces Her Body Hair - Unilad Interview


What Naked Attraction Taught Me About My Sexuality - Cosmopolitan Interview

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