About Bethany Burgoyne

Striving to find the bliss point between provocative and educational storytelling, Bethany uses art and creativity to encourage positive social change; aiming to empower through freedom of expression wherever she goes. 

Having trained in Fine Art Painting at City and Guilds London School of Art, Bethany went on to work as a mural artist in Jordan and Iraq leading workshops with Syrian Refugees and Internally Displaced People.

Arriving back in the UK, Bethany volunteered at U-Turn, a centre for Vulnerable Women and Sex Workers before setting up her own multi-media project, The Sassy Show, promoting females working in the creative industry.


Bethany has initiated research projects in the UK as well as Palestine, Romania, Berlin, and Morocco. Priding herself on being able to respectfully observe and adapt to unfamiliar cultural environments and communities.


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The new inclusive social fetish app

Collaborating with TLM YRS to Host the TLM YRSassy Story Podcast. Interviewing members of the Sex-positive Community, to share informative and educational interviews about sexuality and intimacy. 




The Sassy Show

Alongside commissioning, editing and interviewing fellow female creatives for The Sassy Show, Bethany also writes on topics regarding female body image, sex, and beauty standards.  Motivated by the personal experiences which have silenced her in the past, Bethany aims to lift the lid on those tricky conversations that can get lost in a haze of shame and embarrassment.


As Global Stories Curator, Bethany delivers articles spotlighting contemporary culture for Reform The Funk on a monthly basis.


Alongside interviewing and writing long and short-form features, Bethany produces Behind The Scenes videos for social media use and assists with the styling and production of shoots.

inne - Radical Self Knowledge

Commissioned by Berlin-based female hormonal mini lab, inne, to write for their newly launched blog 'Radical Self Knowledge'. Delving into the ins and outs of our female bodies and how we respond to hormonal fluctuations.

Reform The Funk

A Voice Of Defiance: How Writer And Broadcaster Yassmin Abdel-Magied Is Representing Empowered Muslim Women