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Welcome to my Sassy World! 


I'm an artist, journalist, producer and performer liberating narratives through a provocative lens.


Through creative expression, I produce vibrant, educational stories provoking positive social change.


I'm forever on the hunt for fresh opportunities, so if you like the Sassy vibes, drop me a line xx

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"My confidence and love for what I do has been my greatest evolution; in parallel to seeing the confidence and joy that radiates from the individuals I’ve had the joy to work with."

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"Collaborating with Bethany has been amazing. She has such a sunny, kind attitude, and is always full of creative ideas. With a special eye for design, she properly understands what her audience is looking for. Bringing interesting stories to the table (and out of the bedroom!)"

Irving Olvera, Founder of TLM YRS


2017 - Present

Founder/Head of Content

The Sassy Show

I built my own Multimedia Platform to promote Female Creatives in their Professional Careers.


Because I consider women's creative voices to be the most powerful tool for self-expression; aiding gender equality on a global scale.

 Through educational and informative interviews, The Sassy Show is an ever-growing 

agency of change; cherishing cultural diversity and worldwide narratives.


I encourage others to embrace their Sassy side by using my personal profile as a shame-free example.

I speak on the topics of gender politics, sexual shaming, and female bodily autonomy, and am available for panel discussions, TV and radio appearances, press interviews, and written articles

Get in touch with me so we can collaborate on your next project!

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